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Like New Orleans much of Hull is below sea level. 

Take a walk up the quayside and try to imagine it with sea levels one and a half metres higher in 100 years.   It seems too horrible to think about. But we have to. 

Because it’s not science fiction: it’s coming.

The Shorelines Project is about getting real about what climate change means for Hull. It’s time to talk honestly and to stand with you to make sure that Hull has a fantastic future … as a place where the Humber Bridge stands proud and we can still get our pattie and chips in 100 years’ time.

Our time is now 

Climate change is here and it’s hitting us far harder and faster than anyone had imagined. It’s obvious that much more investment, action and thought will be needed to secure the long term future of the city. So how can we know so much and do so little? Bluntly because we’re not planning for the worst, and that’s why Shorelines is here. 

The Shorelines Project

Shorelines is about helping imagine the future and inspiring people to demand that Hull is protected.

At the heart of our project is art. Imagination is key to our future: If you can’t imagine the future you can’t be ready for it.

If you need it, we’ll give you more info and hands-on training so you can demand your right to a safe future. 

This city-wide 18 month project will engage with thousands of people, businesses and families across the city. We’ll support Hull to take the lead and show the rest of the country what it means to take the reality of flooding and climate change seriously.

Hull is in deep water, or it will be if we don't come together to stand up and demand action! Follow our page to follow the fight, learn about Hull's future and find ways to get involved. #theshorelinesproject # rca # futureofhull # empowerment # community # floodprevention
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