Talk to your local councillor

Please take a few minutes to ask your new local councillors to take flooding and climate change in Hull seriously.

Each councillor only represents a few thousand people and hardly anyone takes the time to write to them – so when people do, they’ll notice.

We’ve prepared some draft text you might want to copy and paste into an email. You can find the email addresses of your councillors here.  Whatever you write, please keep it polite!

Use our template

Dear councillor name here

Hull is a city facing extreme levels of sea level rise in the future. It is one of the worst affected cities in the UK according to Environment Agency data. This says that by 2125, Hull is facing 1.55 metres of sea level rise.

I know that the city, the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water are all working together to help the city adapt. I want the Council to hold a meeting to explain and demonstrate its acknowledgement of the urgent need to adapt now and to present ways in which the people of Hull will be actively involved in the decisions that need to be made on our future in this city.

As this is the year that the UK is hosting the international climate change negotiations, it is hugely important that Hull’s Council discusses its response to the climate emergency, and makes a commitment to have a plan to address 1.55m of sea level rise.

Kind regards, your name here

Organise an (online) meeting

The more we talk about climate change the more we find that other people want to talk about it too. Why not organise a meeting (probably online for now!) in your local community to have a climate conversation and find out what the people of Hull want to be done about it?

We’d be happy to join an online meeting to give an expert perspective - either on the science or politics, or to give ideas for how to make a difference. Let us know!

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