Every day is Earth Day

Community arts project from Rights : Community : Action shows support for Earth Day.

Launched back in October 2020, The Shorelines Project has one simple aim; to educate citizens of Hull on the risk of climate change and rising sea levels. As part of its mission, the team behind the project has launched their own Restore Our Earth Toolkit, to help local communities take the first steps towards Climate Action to support this year’s Earth Day.

The organisers of Earth Day have called upon the world to come together for three days of climate action from April 20th to April 22nd.

Kathleen Rogers, President of EARTHDAY.ORG said:

“This Earth Day, we have an important opportunity to challenge world leaders to see climate change for what it is – a pressing global security threat, one that threatens everyone and everything but particularly our most vulnerable people and places.”

The team behind The Shorelines Project are showing their support for Earth Day by inviting local communities, businesses, education providers, youth groups and young people to an exclusive online event. Organisers will discuss what steps need to be taken on the pathway to future-proofing our City from the effects of climate change and flooding.

Naomi Luhde-Thompson, Chief Executive at Rights : Community : Action, said:

“What most people don’t know is that climate change is an inevitable part of our future., especially for Hull, as a City built on water.

“By 2100, sea levels are expected to rise by at least 1.5metres and with Hull sitting just 1.2m above sea level, this is an obvious problem. Flooding is going to become a more common occurrence moving forward, so more needs to be done to safeguard the city and its communities.

“Especially when we think about the fact in 2007 Hull was flooded and then again in 2013 we had a tidal surge, causing £3.2bn worth of damage. Our current flood defences being built are only going to protect us until 2040, beyond that there is no plan and this is extremely concerning when we consider the damage that has already been done in such a short space of time.

“That’s why we have launched The Shorelines Project, for it to act as a lasting reminder to the people of Hull that its future can be re-written if we work together to demand change.

“Art has the power to transport people to an imagined future where climate change doesn’t have to be an issue. By using art, and delivering it through a community-led engagement programme, we hope we’ll be able to empower the Hull community and give them the confidence to know that they have the collective power to tackle it head on.

“We want Hull to lead the debate in climate change and that’s why we are giving them the ammunition to do so through our Earth Day inspired Toolkit. The Shorelines Project fits perfectly into the international pledge made by Earth day to make a difference, every day of the year and our city has the potential to become the driving force behind it.

“Through our art project, we want to empower communities and make them believe that their voice is valid; it’s essential in the fight against global warming.”

Hull is in deep water, or it will be if we don't come together to stand up and demand action! Follow our page to follow the fight, learn about Hull's future and find ways to get involved. #theshorelinesproject #rca #futureofhull #empowerment #community #floodprevention