The Time is Now!

At COP26, a powerful, new climate change mural will be unveiled on the side of the Scottish Opera Production Studios, Edington Street thanks to the Hull-based art and activism program, The Shorelines Project. Renowned artist and activist Gustavo Chavez Pavon, who hails from Mexico, will create a mural as part of the call for radical […]

Weekly News Rundown, August 16th

Here at the Shorelines Project, we aim to bring awareness to the catastrophic climate events that plague our earth. We understand that climate change can be challenging to understand and hard to keep up with; this is why we’re introducing a new feature to our work: Your Weekly News Rundown. Below, we have listed the […]

Every day is Earth Day

Community arts project from Rights : Community : Action shows support for Earth Day. Launched back in October 2020, The Shorelines Project has one simple aim; to educate citizens of Hull on the risk of climate change and rising sea levels. As part of its mission, the team behind the project has launched their own […]

Hull: The Lost City.

Coronavirus has overwhelmed Hull, disturbing the peace in the city and all around the country. What the world experienced in the first wave, Hull is only just experiencing now.  The devastation Coronavirus has caused on the people of the city is unparalleled – for a city whose average income is one of the lowest in […]

Behind the murals

Thanks to International Art Producer, Andy Pea, we’ll be flying in some amazing artists from all around the world to flood Hull with art as part of The Shorelines Project. Meet our impressive artists who are going to be using their artistic expression and sheer talent to embark on a journey to educate, demand change […]

The Girl

Shorelines Project Unveils First Mural, ‘The Girl’ by Calvin Innes The first mural piece as part of The Shorelines Project – a recently launched art and activism project in partnership with Rights : Community : Action and being delivered by Hull based creative agency, Drunk Animal – was completed in just five days. Following the […]

All is connected

Shorelines Project Unveils Second Mural, ‘All is connected’ by Calvin Innes, in collaboration with Ocean Conservationist Nicky ‘Nemo’ Smedley and Project Aware The second mural piece as part of The Shorelines Project, an art and activism project launched last October by social action group, Rights : Community : Action, was revealed today, having been completed […]

Is Hull ready for the Climate Change Crisis?

New community arts project from Rights : Community : Action aims to educate citizens of Hull on the risks of climate change and rising sea levels. Hull faces a bleak future if rising sea level predictions are to go by. The Environment Agency estimates that sea levels could rise by 1.55 metres over the next […]

Shorelines: flooding, and the science of imagination

Take a walk up the coast of Suffolk or stand on the quay side in Hull and imagine the two metres of sea level rise which will, if we don’t radically change, be there in 2100. Add a high tide and five meters of storm surge and it becomes hard to sleep well in your bed. […]

Where to find all the murals