A Dream For Life And Freedom – Glasgow

The most recent addition to the Shoreline’s Project’s murals was painted by renowned activist and artist, Gustavo Chavez Pavon to commemorate Cop26 on the Scottish Opera’s Edington Street Production Studios.

Despite posing a significant challenge due to the extensive horizontal wall which offers limited visual access, Pavon collaborated with around 25 activists and artists to produce the 45 metre long mural in the city of Glasgow.

On the very left of the mural, the heart of Mother Earth herself is trapped within a bottle, her heart being the Earth itself. The heart is trapped within sharp wiring and emits dark, polluting smoke from its valves. Mother Earth lies to the right on the seafloor, completely covered by the waters that continue to rise.

She sings a song for hope and freedom but the message is only just beginning to reach Earth, as shown by the movement of the bubbles across the mural.

The piece extends as you walk , covering the length of the wall and depicting the inescapable nature of climate change should world leaders continue to prioritise their preoccupation with modernity and progress over the state of the environment and nonetheless continue to pollute.

The piece forces us whether we’re doing enough to change the course of our future, and suggests that we’ve been oblivious or willfully ignorant towards the state of Mother Earth. There is also a sense of hope, as the piece suggests that through collaboration, we can create a better environment to thrive in.

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