The Girl – Hull College

Hull College is the biggest college in Hull, making it the perfect spot for the first mural to launch The Shorelines Project.

Facing out onto George Street – one of the busiest roads in Hull – the Mural stands an impressive 15m high, one of the biggest murals to come to Hull!

Designed to capture people’s attention and spark a discussion, The Girl, who is young but deliberately ageless, sits cross legged over a collection of crudely sketched illustrations, created with coloured pencils. The illustrations are child-like depictions of people trapped in flood water, in boats, wading through flooded areas. The image is largely blue, with a water-line at the very top. 

The intention is that upon first glance, the girl appears to be seated, basked in blue light, closer inspection will reveal that she is in fact sat under water;  iconic Hull buildings blurred into the background.

Toys, coloured pencils and other small items float around the girl, depicting a childhood potentially lost to the flood waters. The look on the girls face is deliberately designed in the same way the Mona Lisa’s smile works – a look Italians describe as ‘sfumato’. It means blurry, ambiguous and up to the imagination.

The piece is designed to make some people feel slightly uncomfortable, others hopeful, and to instigate discussion about climate change, flooding and how it will affect future generations.

She looks pretty epic, go and see for yourself!

The Girl was designed and painted by Calvin Innes and Andy Pea .

Check out their work!

Hull is in deep water, or it will be if we don't come together to stand up and demand action! Follow our page to follow the fight, learn about Hull's future and find ways to get involved. #theshorelinesproject #rca #futureofhull #empowerment #community #floodprevention