The Boy – Clumber Street

A new mural by artist Andy Pea has been installed in Hull as part of The Shoreline Project, a city-wide arts and engagement project aimed at raising awareness of flood risk and climate change in Hull.

Resident David Gautier offered up the wall on the side of his Clumber Street home as a canvas for Andy’s latest mural. The piece, titled ‘The Boy’, is the fourth mural installed as part of the project. The mural follows ‘The Girl’ and ‘All Is Connected’, by artist and the project’s Artistic Director, Calvin Innes and ‘The Time Is Now’ by Manchester based Nomad Clan.

While undertaking the project, artist Andy Pea said:

“As a father and a grandfather we want to share the message and raise awareness but also share some hope.

“I’ve included motifs of The Boy that are taken from a French film called The Red Balloon. It is The Boy chasing the balloon and chasing the hope – that’s the intention behind it.”

Launched back in October 2020, The Shorelines Project has one simple aim: to educate citizens of Hull on the risk of climate change and rising sea levels.

Naomi Luhde-Thompson, Chief Executive at Rights: Community: Action, said:

“What most people don’t know is that climate change is an inevitable part of our future., especially for Hull, as a City built on water.

“By 2100, sea levels are expected to rise by at least 1.5 metres and with Hull sitting just 1.2m above sea level, this is an obvious problem. Flooding is going to become a more common

occurrence moving forward, so more needs to be done to safeguard the city and its communities.

“Art has the power to transport people to an imagined future where climate change doesn’t have to be an issue. By using art, and delivering it through a community-led engagement programme, we hope we’ll be able to empower the Hull community and give them the confidence to know that they have the collective power to tackle it head on.”

The Shorelines Project, which is scheduled to run well into 2022 will bring together international and local artists to install a series of murals across Hull, and encourages the local community to get involved. With each piece being shaped by public views and opinion, this is in every sense a ‘community led’ art project which has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the residents of Hull.

Hull is in deep water, or it will be if we don't come together to stand up and demand action! Follow our page to follow the fight, learn about Hull's future and find ways to get involved. #theshorelinesproject #rca #futureofhull #empowerment #community #floodprevention