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Have you suffered from flooding in Hull? Are you worried about climate change and what it might mean for the future? Tell us your story in a short video.

Once you've recorded yourself, send us it via wetransfer to

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"It's scary when you realise how big the risk actually is! The thought of the city I live in being underwater will come a reality soon."
Rebecca, Hull
"More needs to be done about climate change… I don't want my children having to deal with the aftermath of what previous generations have done to this planet."
Micheal, Hull
"It's frightening to think that I wouldn't be able to live in my area of Hull in the next few decades. That's why I love this project because it's raising awareness about an important and necessary topic in a really cool way!"
Kerry, Hull

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    The Time is Now!

    At COP26, a powerful, new climate change mural will be unveiled on the side of the Scottish Opera Production Studios, Edington Street thanks to the Hull-based art and activism program, The Shorelines...

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    Weekly News Rundown, August 16th

    Here at the Shorelines Project, we aim to bring awareness to the catastrophic climate events that plague our earth. We understand that climate change can be challenging to understand and hard to...

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    Every day is Earth Day

    Community arts project from Rights : Community : Action shows support for Earth Day. Launched back in October 2020, The Shorelines Project has one simple aim; to educate citizens of Hull on...

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    Are you a student in the city? Speak to us about how you can work on a project with us.

    We’ve already teamed up with a number of schools and colleges in the city to help young people understand our future with flooding.

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    Throughout the year, we’ll be hosting a range of events, workshops and online information dropins to help you understand the risks of climate change in cities like Hull.

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