Weekly News Rundown, August 16th

Here at the Shorelines Project, we aim to bring awareness to the catastrophic climate events that plague our earth. We understand that climate change can be challenging to understand and hard to keep up with; this is why we’re introducing a new feature to our work: Your Weekly News Rundown.

Below, we have listed the essential news you need to know about and actions you can take to help the climate crisis.

New flood warning services in Devon town

The BBC reported hundreds of homes and businesses receiving new flood warning services in Devon after the Environment Agency warns people of imminent risk. They set out different levels of alert:

  • Flood alert – people prepare to leave
  • Flood warning – calling people to take action now
  • Severe Flood – people are in immediate danger

New measures in place mean that Devon is moving in the right direction. The Environment Agency said that they can’t prevent all flooding due to climate change but is working on making cities and communities more resilient.

Read the full article from BBC here:

Death toll rises to at least 70 after severe floods hit Turkey

Climate change is hitting Turkey hard after the recent wildfires in the south; now, mass flooding has hit the Black Sea region and is swallowing everything in its path. The floods were caused by torrential rain, causing buildings and bridges to collapse and streets to clog up, leaving cars and power supplies demolished.

Read the full article from BBC here:

UK Beaches set to be wiped out in 30 years

“While the coronavirus pandemic has paused our lives for more than a year, another global crisis has continued to threaten our future”.

An IPCC climate report has predicted global warming of 1.5C, which will cause the sea level to rise, risking severe flooding to seaside towns such as Hull, Blackpool and Kent, meaning beaches will be wiped out entirely.

Read the full article here:

This is why the Shorelines Project exists. Hull is one of the most vulnerable cities in the UK and one of the most prone to flooding. This catastrophe that has taken place in Turkey is not even the full extent of what Hull will take on in the next 30 years.

We aim to bring the people of Hull the same warning and safety measures that are being introduced around the UK, most recently in Devon. The project brings the community together using street art to warn them about the huge flood risk they are susceptible to so that it’s at the forefront of our minds that we need to take action.

How can you take action?

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